Monday, 21 November 2011

Canvases for SOS Children's Villages

Yesterday I went along to the exhibition of canvases painted for SOS Children's Villages organised by White House Arts in Cambridge. There were many, many paintings on display in the hall including these two by me (see my previous post about the pirate canvas here). When we were packing up to move studios I found a spare canvas of the right dimensions so I ended up painting an extra picture with my favourite blue cars on!
Artists were asked to donate the works for nothing so that all proceeds from sales went entirely to the charity. I was very happy (and a bit relieved) to see that both my pieces had been sold!


  1. I wish I'd been able to come to the event... £45 for a painting... What a bargain!!

  2. cute illustrations...i also LOVE your book Fluff and Billy!

  3. Thanks Sheree! If they do the exhibition again I'll let you know David and you can come along for a bargain!:)