Friday, 24 September 2010

Drawing at the Fitzwilliam Museum

On Wednesday I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to look around and do some drawing too. I couldn't find my current sketchbook so I took some watercolour paper instead. I used water-soluble pencils and a Pentel Aquash brushpen filled with water (recommended to me by Loo Prentice a few months ago). I really liked using the brushpen but I'm not sure about the drawings as I was trying to get more tone into them and I don't think it's worked...... I like line!
The drawings I've posted are from the room with all the armour in - as I drew the horse last time I was there I picked something else this time - and an 18th century monkey from chinese ceramics.


  1. Your drawings are really fine! I especially like the suit of armor. You've really captured the detail and sense of the structure of the metal.

  2. the suit of armor is amazing! why haven't I seen this before??? every considered a career in scientific illustration? :-)