Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It's been quite a while since my last post - I've been busy doing events at nursery schools, then I went on holiday for a week, and then I was ill when I got back. Now that I've rolled out my list of excuses I can mention the last couple of events I've done.

The first was on Saturday at Cambridge Central Library and was organised by Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge. It was really nice to meet Kate and Michelle from the shop and Richard and Ruth from the library - they were so friendly and positive about the book. The children who came seemed to enjoy the story and making the headdresses. They also enjoyed juice and biscuits served on red spotted napkins to match the pattern on the tablecloth in Not Me! (specially selected by the ladies from Heffers - I was very impressed by their attention to detail)! Heffers are currently refitting their children's area so it will have its own entrance with easy access for pushchairs and decorated with murals - I can't wait to see it!

Today I went to a place called Tales on Moon Lane in Herne Hill, South London. It's a great children's bookshop with really friendly and knowledgeable staff. They made me feel really welcome and the shop was packed with children. I read my giant copy of Not Me! and then the children got to do some colouring or make a headdress. I took some photos on my phone of the shop window and their display - apologies for the bluriness! Thanks to Tamara, George and Leah for such an enjoyable event.

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