Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bertie....before and after

This is Bertie before linework has been added......
and this is after!

I did a presentation about Not Me! to a sales meeting at the publishers yesterday. I prepared these images so that I could show the process of adding line and then have "one that I made earlier"!


  1. liking bertie!
    how did the presentation go? so did i read the books out? will have to go and buy it. x

  2. I was chatting to my Greek friend about translation if it goes to a Greek edition. He couldn't think of a Greek name that rhymed with 'peas' ... said you may have to resort to 'beans' ;)

  3. Thanks Anna! The book isn't quite out yet......but it will be at the beginning of May. Presentation went ok though I was so nervous it was a bit of a nightmare!!!