Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wordfest Animal Pictures

Here is a small selection of the animals that were decorated at my Wordfest event. Although I always get nervous before events, I really enjoyed this one and was very impressed by how enthusiastic all the children were. They all did a great job drawing dogs and decorating their animals! Big thanks to Sue, Ruth, Anne and Louise from Cambridgeshire Libraries for running the day and making me feel so welcome, and to Isla and Helen from Egmont.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wordfest Preparations

I am currently preparing for my Wordfest event on Saturday - it's at East Barnwell Centre at 11am for ages 3-6. This is a picture to show the actual height of a new born giraffe.....around 6ft tall! I've also cut out 68 crocodile teeth and have a piece of string that is 6m long to show how tall an adult giraffe can grow. It's wrapped around its own cardboard giraffe as you can see below. Let's hope it goes well....